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I Still Do... Do you?
One of the most exciting and rewarding Christian ministries in America is the I Still Do ministry of Family Life. Thousands of couples have attended their inspiring one day event and have rekindled a romance that had long since vanished in their marriage. Sessions include: "Covenant Marriage", having a harmonious and peaceful relationship, communications skills, unlocking the door to intimacy, and leaving a family legacy. Check out the I Still Do schedule for a conference coming to a location near you!

National Marriage Encounter
A weekend retreat that has been attended by two million couples and 80-90% say they fell back in love. Wonderfully successful and adapted to specific denominations, the weekend experience creates an opportunity for married couples 'to meet' one another again; 'to renew' their relationship through communication; and 'to discover' new meaning and joy within their marriages. It is not counseling nor is it group therapy, but it does provide quality time for husbands and wives to pause and refocus their attention on themselves, one another, and their marriages.

Retrouvaille: Healing for Troubled Marriages
Retrouvaille (a French word for Rediscovery) is a program for marriages where divorce is being considered by one or both people. This program saves 80% of the worst marriages. Never give up on a marriage without considering this program..... it works!

Focus on the Family
with Dr. James Dobson
One of the largest and finest Christian family ministries in the world. Mega-website offers something for everyone including timeless advice from Dr. James Dobson. Check out the page for husbands and wives.

Marriage Ministries International
and the Covenant Marriage Movement
A worldwide ministry dedicated to improving your marriage in a variety of ways...through classes, seminars, tapes, books, and more. On a local level, Married for Life is a fourteen-week in-home course which will change your marriage. Conducted in a small group format, the volunteer group leaders present high quality materials in a private, intimate setting.

Marriage Alive 
with David and Claudia Arp 
Greatly respected for their speaking throughout the world, David and Claudia also write some wonderfully practical resources including 10 Great Dates Couple's Night, a terrific resource for any marriage.

Becoming One
Everyone yearns for intimacy in mind, body, and spirit. This eight-week course explores how to achieve oneness and intimacy in marriage. 

Family Life Daily E-mails
Family Life offers several great daily emails ranging from "Moments Together for Couples" to "Simply Romantic Ideas" for him or her. This is an incredibly practical way to improve your marriage! 





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