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47 Books on Physical Intimacy from a Christian Perspective!
By now, you realize there's no shortage of helpful materials for Christians in this area.  Begin with nineteen books for couples, six books just for men, fifteen books to help parents discuss this issue with their teens, seven books to help men who struggle with addiction and pornography issues.

The Song of Solomon Course
by Carl Caton
One of the greatest resources ever developed for married couples is the Song of Solomon course presented by Tommy Nelson (no relation to Thomas Nelson Publishing). This program is an uplifting, eye-opening study of the biblical book by the same name. God does have a wonderful, fulfilling plan for intimacy in your marriage! Tommy's unique, humorous style, and his biblically-based teaching combine to create a powerful message for today's couples. This course is ideal for any venue ranging from the privacy of your home to adult Sunday School presentations. A couple in our church has adopted the program as a personal ministry and is impacting hundreds of couples with the truth of God's word. This refreshing material will make a difference in your marriage! Give it a try!

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The Book of Romance: 
What Solomon Says About 
Love, Sex, and Intimacy

Intimate Issues:
 Conversations Woman to Woman 
21 Questions Christian Women 
Ask About Sex
by Linda Dillow 
and Lorraine Pintus

Sex ... According to God
by Kay Arthur 

Sheet Music: 
Uncovering the Secrets 
of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
by Kevin Leman

Sacred Sex: 
A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage
by Tim Alan Gardner

A Celebration of Sex
by Douglas E. Rosenau

52 Ways To Have Fun, Fantastic Sex 
- A Guidebook For Married Couples
by Joyce J. Penner and Clifford L. Penner

Becoming One: 
Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually
by Joe Beam

The Sex-Starved Marriage
A Couple's Guide to 
Boosting Their Marriage Libido
By Michele Weiner Davis

Staying Close
by Dennis Rainey

Reclaiming Intimacy
Overcoming the Consequences 
of Premarital Relationships
by Heather Jamison

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage
by William Cutrer, M.D.
and Sandra Glahn

Pillow Talk
by Karen Scalf Linamen

The Gift of Sex:
A Guide to Sexual Fulfillment
By Joyce and Clifford L. Penner

Sex 101: 
Over 350 Creative Ways to a Godly, Loving, Pleasurable Marriage
by John Gries, Cathy Gries 

God on Sex: 
The Creator's Ideas about Love, 
Intimacy, and Marriage

Intended for Pleasure:
Sex Technique and 
Sexual Fulfillment in Christian Marriage, 
Third Edition
by Ed Wheat, Gaye Whea

Holding on to Romance:
Keeping Your Marriage Alive 
and Passionate 
After the Honeymoon Years A
re Over
by Norman Wright

The Act of Marriage:
The Beauty of Sexual Love
by Beverly Lahaye, Tim F. Lahaye 






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