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Two Shall Become One
By Luis Palau
(c) 2003 Used with Permission

Some marriages may be made in heaven, but many of the details have to be worked out here on earth. Unfortunately, many couples enter into an intimate relationship with little or no thought about how such a relationship is designed to work.  (more...)

Developing Intimacy 
by Joe Beam 
(c) 2001 Published with Permission
Family Dynamics

We all crave it, but most of us will never have it. Why? Because too few realize what the craving is actually for. Many people know that something is missing from their lives but usually canít quite put their fingers on what it is theyíre lacking. Thatís why so many people feel lonely, or empty, or unfulfilled although they appear to have every reason to feel just the opposite. 

What is this elusive prize?  Intimacy.  (more...)

Women Spell Intimacy T-A-L-K
A Seven Part Article
By Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg
(c) 2000 Used with Permission
Part One: Barbara Talks to Husbands
Part Two: Men and Women are Wired Differently
Part Three: Understanding Your Wife's Need for Emotional Intimacy 
Part Four:  What Happens When Your Wife's Need for Intimacy is Not Met?
Part Five: How Can You Meet Your Wife's Need for Emotional Intimacy?
Part Six:  Safeguard Your Relationships
Part Seven:  The Rewards of Emotional Intimacy

Healthier Life Tied to Family, Faith
By Pat Centner, AFA Journal
(C) 2000 Used with Permission

(AgapePress) - Recent studies revealed that married couples who spend time with their families, and people who participate regularly in religious activities, generally have lower blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the most common cardiovascular conditions in the United States. More than 50 million Americans are afflicted with high blood pressure severe enough to require monitoring and treatment, and 75% do not have their blood pressure under adequate control.  (more...)

Love Is Meeting Each Other's Needs
By Luis Palau
(c) 2003 Used with Permission

My wife, Pat, and I have been married for more than 30 years, and every day I thank God I married her! We're different in many ways, but we complement each other. Pat is a levelheaded thinker, while I tend to be a more impulsive decision-maker. I appreciate (more...)





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